Abundant Life Ministries in Honduras
Thursday, May 28, 2020

Medical Ministry

Heart Surgery in Little Rock, AR

Arkansas Children's Hospital



          One of our pastors with whom we work in LaEsperanza, Honduras, lost one of his three sons a few months ago.  He died with heart failure while playing soccor.  It was known that he, Moeses (age 8) and his brother, Jacobo (age 15) both had heart difficulties but the family did not know the extent of the danger to them.  After Moeses death, the parents saw the urgency of getting help for Jacobo.  It was soon determined by Honduran doctors that Jacobo was in need of heart surgery.  The cost was prohibitive to this poor pastor's family.  They asked for the help of Herb Prince.  Herb contacted a friend in Little Rock, Dr. Tad Fiser, who was associated with Arkansas Children's Hospital, and he made the necessary contacts and got the process going that would ultimately open the door for Jacobo to come to Little Rock for surgery.

          Jacobo and his mother, Wendy, came to Little Rock in November and surgery was performed by Dr. Paul Seib.  He was able to repair the mitric heart valve and replace the aortic heart valve.  Jacobo did extremely well, was released from the hospital in a few weeks, and once his cumadin level was well balanced, returned to Honduras in January.  The hospital provided all services free of charge.  We also had some wonderful folks help provide the finances needed for plane tickets and other expenses related to their being here.

          We are also grateful to Jim Foster and his wife from Dallas (former Baptist missionaries in LaEsperanza) for meeting them in Houston and bringing them to Little Rock and staying with them the entire time to serve as interpreters and facilitators.  Some of Jacobo's rehab time was spent in their home in Dallas before returning to Honduras.

          It is exciting to see just how many different people were involved in this provision the Lord made.  We thank the Lord for successful surgery, rehab, and good health for this young man.  The Lord certainly has a plan for  his life .  We also owe a real debt of gratitude to Arkansas Children's Hospital for their investment in so many diverse needs.  The same day Jacobo had his surgery another  child from Honduras was being operated on and a child from Mexico.  They are certainly limited as to how many of these they can do, but it is wonderful to know of their willingness to do as many as possible.