Abundant Life Ministries in Honduras
Thursday, May 28, 2020

Executive Director

Joan Prince Becomes Field Director
Abundant Life Ministries in Honduras
          Our dear servant and brother in Christ, Herb Price, went to be with the Lord June 1, 2017.  He and Joan have served as Field Directors of Abundant Life Ministries in Honduras since 1983.  In a Board Meeting, July 13, 2017, Joan Prince was ask to continue to serve as Field Director and she has accepted.  Having had a Memorial Service for Herb at Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church, Sherwood, in June, Joan took his ashes back for a Memorial Service with the Hondurans on August 4, 2017. 
          The ministry continues to be quite productive for the Kingdom.  Our President, Lynn Stanberry, and Vice President, Ken Jerome, went to Honduras for the Memorial and were able to have some planning meetings with Armondo Pavon, who runs the ministry in the absense of the Field Director.  A number of changes will have to be made due to a downturn in financial income.  Armondo is a good manager and we have no doubt he will succeed in keeping expenses in line with income.
          This ministry is now in it's 4th decade and one of the things that happens to such a ministry is the loss of support due to the support base getting older, many having to adjust giving because of retirement, and many faithful supportors who have gone on to Glory.  This is a productive ministry worthy of continued financial support.  Please keep us in your prayers and by all means pray for Joan as she continues to lead this ministry. 
          If you have not been involved in this ministry financially, please consider making a regular gift to keep presenting Jesus Christ to the Hondurans as their only Hope.
Our Stateside Office Address:
Abundant Life Ministries in Honduras
PO Box 6241
North Little Rock, AR 72124